Christmas Products

Leading up to Christmas, Emmanuel Church Fairtrade Shop stocks a wide range of Christmas Decorations, Advent Calendars and Candles and Christmas Cards.  Our array of fairly traded, crafted gifts provide an ideal opportunity to find something unique and different from the High Street.

Suppliers who provide our Gifts, Cards and Decorations include:

Traidcraft  report that they are the original fair trade pioneer in the UK – challenging the norm and fighting injustices over four decades. Traidcraft started as a movement of radical, church-based individuals who began by importing goods directly from artisans and growers from over 30 developing countries.  They advocate the importance of organic farming, sustainability and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world – seeking to promote social, environmental and trade justice.

Traidcraft also supplies Emmanuel Church Fairtrade Shop with a range of food and drink.

Shared Earth say they carry the widest selection of sustainable and recycled products in the UK, sourced from countries all around the globe. Shared Earth’s performance is regularly audited by the World Fair Trade Organisation and see it as their mission to tackle the climate crisis and create a fairer, more sustainable world.